Woke AF License Plate Frame Progressive Liberal Car Accessory


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WOKE AF LICENSE PLATE FRAME: Be proudly aware of discrimination and injustices other miss. Be woke. Be progressive. Be liberal. Show you are for the people, better lives, and a better future for our children. Anti-Republican. Anti-Trump. Anti-MAGA. Show where you stand with this license plate frame that says it like it is in bold letters WOKE AF. 

FUN LICENSE PLATE FRAME: Fun license plate holder and car accessory. Definitely unique. Show your great personality with this fun license plate frame. No bumper sticker or magnet needed to get your message across. People will remember you with this unique license plate frame. Perfect and cool gift idea for the right person. Be memorable.

AMERICAN QUALITY: Metal license plate frame (no plastic junk or thin chrome plating). Aluminum frame has a glossy finish to help make the colors pop. It is designed to be noticed. Authentic Brian Bula designer license plate made in USA. 

READY TO INSTALL:  Fits standard US license plates. Four holes (not just two) so you can secure the frame without it flopping around. Unscrew your existing plate, put on the frame, use your existing screws to screw the plate back on (no screws included). Super easy and fast. 12.3 x 6.5 inches.

CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU: It will take about 2-4 business days to make your cool license plate frame. The production process is automated so orders are not cancellable.


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