Lock Him Up Bumper Sticker Monster Size 15 Inches Say It Like You Mean It Funny Trump for Prison


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LOCK HIM UP STICKER Indict Trump. Arrest Trump. Convict Trump. Imprison Trump. It’s that simple. This anti-Trump sticker decal is perfect for sane Americans wanting to put the wannabe fascist dictator in jail. Trump 20-24 Years in Prison. Show your support for Jack Smith putting Trump away with this incredible Trump sucks sticker decal. It’s Monster Size and will grab attention.

SHOW WHERE YOU STAND: Imagine how great you will feel showing this message. Triggering those who deserve to be triggered.

QUALITY: Massive can’t miss 3.75 x 15 inches large sticker. Outdoor waterproof vinyl. UV protective laminate. Authentic Brian Bula product. Perfect to personalize your laptop, car, notebook, wall, computer, truck, window, locker, tablet, toolbox and just about anywhere with a clean smooth surface.

PROUDLY MADE IN USA: American made.

DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR ADDRESS FOR POSTAL DELIVERY: It usually takes 2-4 business days to make these amazing stickers. Shipped with tracking. Make sure your address is valid for the post office.

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